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WordPress Resources and Experts to Follow

This is a list of WordPress resources, experts, and sources for WordPress official news, unofficial news, tutorials, techniques, and information to help students learn more about WordPress.

These sites may be added to a feed reader such as feedly, or mobile feed reader apps such as Google Currents or Flipboard for tracking the latest updates from these sites.

WordPress Official Sites

The following are the official sites for WordPress, the WordPress Community, and news and information.

WordPress Events

The following resources are associated with WordPress official and unofficial events including weekly or monthly WordPress Meetups in towns and cities around the world and the annual WordCamps, a regional or city-based WordPress-centric conference for WordPress fans to gather and learn from each other.

WordCamp Central
Meetup.com Events for WordPress (feed)
WordPress Upcoming: Event search for “wordpress” (feed)

WordPress Official Educational Resources

The following are official WordPress educational, documentation, and support resources. Many of these sites offer feeds to add to your feed reader to track the activities of these sites.

WordPress Volunteers and Projects

The following are resources for WordPress Community members to volunteer and become involved in various projects associated with WordPress. The majority of these are listed at Making WordPress.

WordPress Experts and Authorities

The following is a list of WordPress experts who can be called resources in the WordPress Community. Many of these sites offer tips, tutorials, and news, as well as perspectives on the news impacting the WordPress Commuinity. They are loyal followers, evangelists of WordPress.

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