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How to Add Posts and Pages in WordPress

So you’ve logged in to WordPress and created a blog. Great! You won’t get very far until your blog has some content, though. In this article, we’ll let you know the various ways you can add content to your site.

Note: There are two basic types of published content on a WordPress site: posts and Pages. If you don’t know the difference, check out “Differences Between Pages and Posts on WordPress” to explain it.

Screenshot of the Admin Bar in WordPress to add a new post.There are multiple ways to add a new post in WordPress.

Once you’ve logged in to WordPress, look at the top bar on the site. You should see your gravatar on the far right. Slide your eyes to the left a bit…aha! “New Post” lurks there.

Do you think that might mean…? It means exactly what you think it means.

Click on New Post.

On the web page that pops up, start your new post with a title and the text. Don’t forget to put the post in a category and add some tags.

Another way to create a new post or Page is also from the Admin Bar, the same bar we used before, but this time it’s on the opposite side of your Gravatar image.

Hover your cursor over the title of your blog on the left side of the taskbar, a drop menu will appear with New as one of the options.

Hovering over “New” brings up another drop menu which will list the options “Post”, “Page”, “Media” and “Link”. Choosing “Post” here will launch you into the post editor where you’ll once again get to write a post.

Those are a couple ways to add a new post from the front of your site. You can also add a post or Page from the backend, the Administration Panels.

Along the menu to the left on the Admin Panels, look for a thumbtack that says “Posts.” Hover over it and you will see Add New. Look familiar?

Do the same with the icon that looks like sheets of paper that says “Pages.” Hover over it to see Add New to add a new Page. Very familiar now.

Publishing a Post or Page

Once you’ve finished writing, editing and swooning over yourself, it’s time to publish! Otherwise, why would you be here?

I definitely recommend previewing your post before publication. Both posts and Pages features a Preview button on the right menu called Publish. Click it and it will show you how the post or Page will appear when published. Use it, love it.

While the WordPress Editors let you see everything, including added images, in its Visual Mode, there’s nothing like eyeballing how your words appear on the public page.

Once you’re completely satisfied, or just ready to move on, hit the “Publish” button.

If the featured is enabled, the site will congratulate you and automatically take you to your front page, where you can revel in the genius you just unleashed on the world.

Omigod! Second thoughts? What have you put out there for everyone to see!?! Hmmm….?

Never fear. Even when you’ve published a post, the edit option never disappears when you are logged in. You can delete or change any published post you want. Look for it anywhere on the post as the placement is WordPress Theme specific. If you can’t find it near the post title, look in the Post Meta Data Section, that collection of information about the post like the date, author, tags, and categories at the bottom of the post, for something that says Edit This Entry, or something like that.

It’s now time for you to start adding content to your site, posts or Pages. Fill it full of all the creativity and thoughtful things you have to say…well, at least say something thoughtful and intelligent.

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