WordPress News: 10/7-10/15

WordPress 3.7 Beta 2 Released

WordPress 3.7 Beta 2 is out and ready for download. If you downloaded the Beta 1 then in theory Beta 2 should have updated automatically. This is still in development (a.k.a. lots of bugs!) so I do not recommend running this on your main site but to run it on another site or at least do not run on ones with high traffic.

WordPress 3.7 Beta 2

The new features are as follows:

  • Automatic background updates – so when beta 3 rolls around no need for another download!
  • Search results – now ordered by relevance other than date.
  • Password Meter – Strong passwords are important and this new meter will help get better passwords.

They need more beta testers so get on the downloading!

Dashboard Makeover

When WordPress launches the new Dashboard the incoming links widget will be missing. This widget has been with WordPress since 2005 but will no longer be there in the launch. The reason for the change is simply that the widget will not be able to handle the traffic with the new WordPress. The widget itself has not been working right on the site for yeas and they are now getting rid of it all together. For more information, see Dashboard Makeover Removes Incoming Links Widget.

New Theme: Collections

There is a new WordPress theme called Collections by Veerle Pieters. It is a full JavaScriped page that keeps all the bloggers content in groupings, the groupings that you see when you click the new post button on the top navigation bar. The groupings are: articles, links, photos, audio, videos and quotes. The layout of them theme is in icon design similar to our smartphones. The theme is very beautiful but it will cost you $79 from the WordPress themes page. For more information, see New Theme: Collections on WordPress.com.

Top Blogging WordPress Templates

BloggingPro released a list of the
30 most responsive WordPress Templates for your business. The list shows which themes are the best for your business and getting the traffic volume you need to support your online business.

WordPress in Numbers

WordPress in Numbers for September showed there were 1,369,067 new blogs created. WordPress users wrote 35,382,026 posts, which resulted in 4,107,970,566 page views. That’s pretty amazing!

For more information


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