How to create a Link in the WordPress Visual Editor

Anyone can just dump a link any-old-where. How about


Feel like clicking on that? Sometimes you as a blogger are going to want to place a link in your wonderfully and artfully crafted article. How to make it attractive rather than just dumping the ugly URL into your piece?

It’s actually wonderfully simple and fun once you know the best method. In your text editor, either in visual or text mode, whichever you prefer, type any words you want to represent the link you’re going to make. Anything you want.

  1. Type: Pretty link.
  2. Select: Pretty link.

Select by simply running your mouse over the text you want to turn into a link. This puts it in a blue box. (An aunt of mine calls selecting like this with your mouse “bluing.”)

Now, up on your editing toolbar, there’s a button marked “link” in text-mode, and a picture of a paper-clip in visual-mode. Click on this with your text selected, or “blued” if you prefer.

A box appears. Enter a title on the appropriate line. This is what will show to the user when they hover on the link, so give it a title that will let them know exactly where they’re going.

The other line is for the URL. Open another tab now, go to the address you want to link to, and simply copy the link in the address bar. Select and right click and choose “Copy”, or select and push CTRL + C on your keyboard. Whichever you like best.

Go back to the tab for your post. You may have to click on the link tool to bring the box back up. Now, just paste in the URL you just copied! If you right clicked before, do it again and this time choose the “paste” option. If you used the keyboard shortcut, now use the paste shortcut, which is CRTL + V.

Once you hit Ok, the text will be a link! You can test it in Preview Mode before posting to make sure the link is a working link. If you carefully follow the above steps, you should be fine.

So, that is my preferred way of posting a pretty link and not an ugly link dump. I’m not too technical so I’m sure there’s much more intricate methods. But mine works, so there.

The purpose of making a link into readable text is mostly to make your post look readable and professional. Sure you can just copy and paste the URL and make a working link. But it looks like crap. WordPress has given us a fine and easy way to make a pretty link, so why not use it, precious?

For more information on creating a properly formed link, see What is a Properly Formed Link? from Learning from Lorelle.

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