How to Report Bugs in WordPress

Providing feedback to core developers at WordPress, or even fixing a bug yourself can help WP be the most it can be. No matter how small the error, security problem, or theme problem may be, it needs to be reported! Here are a few different ways to do so:

Security Bugs

For a WordPress.com security issue, visit this page and fill out the form.

For a plugin security, email plugins@wordpress.org with as much detail as you can.

For a self-hosted security issue, email security@wordpress.org with as much details you can.

Plugin and Theme bugs

WordPress.org uses a ticket tracking system called Trac for reporting WordPress Plugin and Theme bugs using the Bug Reporter on Trac Tickets.

Before you report a bug in WordPress

Make sure the problem is in the WordPress core code, and not user error. Also search Trac for tickets that have already been submitted, you may be surprised that you aren’t the only one having problems.

Finally, you can head over to the WordPress support forums and see if other people are having similar issues.

For a more in depth look at bugs and the reporting process, read this article.

For more information

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