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Difference Between Visual and Text Editor

There is a huge difference between the two editors in WordPress. If you are determined to be a serious blogger working with WordPress, you need to understand how both work, why you should use one over the other and when.

In general, if you are a novice blogger, then stick to the Visual Editor. If you wish to be a speed blogger or professional blogger and web publisher, then get comfortable with the Text (HTML) Editor – both editors in fact – because you will be able to publish at high speed. I’ll offer tips and information on both editors to help you learn more about how they work.

The pros and cons of using the Visual Editor over the Text Editor are:


  • Anyone can create a website
  • Programing knowledge does not have to be there
  • Good start to learning specific coding, like HTML


  • Adds unwanted code which causes it to be messy
  • Increases file size that causes slow file downloads

Lorelle VanFossen offers a tutorial on the most commonly used HTML tags that you would want to use in the Text Editor. If you are in fear of using this part of WordPress, then this list will help you out so you can get started. Here are a examples of these tags:

  • <strong>bold</strong>
  • <em>italic</em>
  • <h2>heading 2</h2>

A comparison of Visual and HTML Editors by Aaron of RFE Hosting covers some of the basics about the difference in Visual and Text editor. If you do not have any knowledge of HTML then you would use the Visual Editor. The visual editor is good for adding images and videos but not good for pasting from programs like MS Word. If you want to paste from MS Word using the Text Editor will be more to your liking, because it won’t bring in all the extra formatting along with it.

As you can see above, there is a list of things on both sides that can consist of Pros and Cons. It is up to the individual in question, you for example, to decide which category you fall into.

If you are savvy enough and your brain can hold all the coding information to do the Text Editor, then that is the path to go. If you are wanting to get rid of the headache of learning all the coding language and get to blogging right away, then the Visual Editor is your avenue of choice.

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