Interview with WordPress Developer, Jeremy Wilson; Text Version

By Isobel Lennox

For the Clark College WordPress class, I was assigned to give an interview regarding WordPress to any persons of my choice. I chose WordPress developer and cat enthusiast, Jeremy Wilson. You can see the comic strip version here.

What is your relationship with WordPress?

My relationship with WordPress:  I have a full-time job building and maintaining custom WordPress sites. I do front-end and back-end development, custom themes and plugins.  I was a speaker at WebVisions PDX 2012 for “Taking WordPress to 11” with Lorelle and (now my boss) Don Elliott, which was a lot of fun!

How long have you been using WordPress?

I’ve been using and building WordPress for about 8 years now.  Before that I was using GreyMatter, Adobe Contribute, and hand-made CMSes.

What was your first encounter with WordPress?

I honestly can’t remember my first WordPress site, but I know it quickly took over my crazy build-a-custom-CMS-for-everything workflow.  I think maybe “Social Capital Review” was one of the first WordPress sites I built.  It’s so bad. 😦

What is your favorite/most used Theme, Plugin, or other feature(s) of WP?

My favorite plugin is my own of course, “Bulk Creator“. I also have a custom theme framework that I developed for use at work, but I can’t share it here!  I am not a big fan of third party themes and try not to use them, although Underscores and Bones are pretty great starting themes.  My TRUE favorite and most used plugin is Advanced Custom Fields — such an amazing tool that has transformed the way I use WordPress.

What advice would you give to new WP users?

For new WordPress developers:  Learn PHP, never touch the core files, and keep the template hierarchy handy at all times.  Get active a little bit in the community (twitter, IRC, meetups, etc) and you will make a lot of WP friends 🙂

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Tell Lorelle I said “Live long and prosper, and thanks for that Twistys app!”  Also we should do another WebVisions.

Jeremy Wilson 

Thanks, again Jeremy!

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