How to Cite More than One Contributor on a Post

So if you have more than one author on your site, and more than one author working on a certain post, how do you give credit to multiple authors? When creating the post, there is only room to add one author. Well fear not, there is actually more than one solution making it as easy as “plugging in” the authors name.

As you can see below, there is only room to add one author into your post. Well that is about to change for good.
Only one line to select an author for a post

Well it just so turns out that there is a Plugin for that. Introducing the Co-Authors Plus Plugin. This Plugin allows you to add multiple authors quite easily onto your posts. It is as simple as typing the authors name. This can also create a nice link to the author’s page to allow them to advertise themselves a bit without cluttering up each post they contribute to.

There are other Plugins that are available, some of which are a bit older, but this Plugin in specific is maintained by one of the main WordPress organizations, Automatic. They have a pretty good idea of what to do when it comes to WordPress (insert sarcasm here).

The Co-Authors Plus Plugin Download Page

Co-Authors Plus Plugin

But perhaps you are not a fan of Plugins, or you just don’t want to use this specific one, or any other one. You would prefer to just put one in by hand. You find you don’t have multiple authors often, so doing it manually is the way to go. Well there is a good way to showcase your author, give them the space they deserve and the recognition, without taking away from the post itself. This is where the byline comes in.

Now, bylines that are built into the theme generally only allow one author to be put in. That is what most of the Plugins take care of; by adding more bylines. Well there is nothing saying that you cannot just manually add what looks like a byline into your post and have multiple authors on your byline. Now to some, this may look hokie, or unfavorable. To others, this is the right way to give credit to multiple authors. I for one think it is all about how you spin it. If you really play it as more than one person contributed to this because the content is so great it took more than one person, then I don’t really see the issue. It is all up to you, and how you want your site to flow. Here is an example of how a hand made, multiple author byline would look.

How to add (manually) multiple authors at the top of a post without the use of a Plugin

Personally, I like the actual byline. It is clean, and it is professional looking. If you are just looking for a quick way to give credit to multiple authors, there is nothing wrong with just pecking them in at the top of the post. Not the best looking, but it gets the job done. If you want to do it right and I say that meaning no offense to the former method and those who choose to adopt it, then install the correct Plugin and add more than one author byline so that it is tucked nice and neat under the post title. Clean, clear, professional and it looks just right at home up there. And the Plugin makes it so simple.

Showcasing your authors is another topic, but is a great area to address if you are going to have multiple authors on posts, or just want to give credit to your authors, even if they are not posting together. A good post on how to manage multiple authors, and showcase your authors can be found on Lorelle on WordPress – Managing Multiple Authors: Showcasing the Authors.

Now remember, there is more than one way to get this done, but how professional you want to look plays a key role in what method you are going to apply when it comes to getting it done. Don’t be afraid of the Plugin method. It is made by a very trusted source, and is what I would heavily recommend using to make it look right and give your authors the credit and recognition they deserve.

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