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Interview with WordPress Developer Corban Cloud

Corban Cloud of Gravitate.I got the chance to sit down with my close friend Corban Cloud, who works at Gravitate Studios here in Vancouver, Washington. He had some interesting things to say about WordPress:

Nate Shoemaker: How long have you worked with WordPress?

Corban Cloud: Two years.

NS: Do you consider yourself a WP developer?

CC: Yes.

NS: What are the pros and cons you face using WP?

CC: Pros: Easiest UI for a layman, quick install, big community support, lots of plugins. Cons: Not ideal for performance.

NS: What does WP do that no one else does?

CC: Makes sense to our clients.

NS: What can WP improve on?

CC: Function nomenclature is very odd, I would love to see that cleaned up.

NS: What’s your take on PHP?

CC: PHP is useful for many plain preprocessing tasks, but I prefer Python for any heavy lifting tasks on a server.

NS: How is it working with WP in a collaborative environment?

CC: I don’t feel WP has any negative or positive impact of a collaborative environment from a development point of view.

NS: Do you have a personal WP site? Are you a blogger?

CC: I have neither.

NS: Does Gravitate use any hosting helpers such as WP Engine?

CC: No.

NS: Does Gravitate provide any help hosting WP sites?

CC: Yes, we have a dedicated team to handle post launch issues which definitely includes hosting, server issues.

Thank you Corban for your time, it was fun to talk.

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