SVG Animation of the Catholic Calendar WordPress Plugin.

Catholic Calendar WordPress Widget

Catholic Liturgy Calendar

Did you know the church year end is in November, not December? The Latin calendar ends with the Solemnity of Christ the King and begins new each Advent (the preparatory season before Christmas). Many people want to know when Christmas is coming, if only to know how many shopping days are left!

Who doesn’t need to know what day it is. While you can add a calendar to a page (embed a Google Calendar), you can also install a variety of available free calendar Plugins. How would you like a specialty calendar that tells you when Christmas or Easter is coming as well as offer the reading of the day?

This article describes how to add the Catholic Liturgy Calendar to self-hosted versions of WordPress.

If you like this handy calendar, the Plugin author also has a handy browser extension version, useful even when you’re not on WordPress. I was especially interested in this particular calendar, since I frequently need to know the liturgical day or season and have a similar app for the iPhone and iPad. This Plugin is particularly useful to Catholics that need a liturgical calendar.

How to Install the Plugin and Configure the Calendar as a Widget:

Install the Plugin through the Administration panels > Plugin tab. Click Add New and search for Calendar Plugins and you will find the “Catholic Liturgy Calendar”. Install and activate it.

Plugins Panel on WordPress.

The Catholic Liturgy Calendar Plugin description is:

Catholic Liturgy Calendar. An animation with the current date on the Roman Catholic liturgical year.

It contains links to mass lectures and the saints calendar online.

This is a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) animation which shows the current Roman Catholic Liturgical year. The animation arranges the liturgical times along with the corresponding Gregorian dates. The length in days of Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent and Easter are displayed when passing the mouse over the calendar.

For more information, visit:the catholic liturgical year.

Once installed this Plugin becomes an available widget which must be configured to function.

After the Plugin is installed, and the widget is enabled in the sidebar, the calendar looks like this:

SVG Animation of the Catholic Calendar WordPress Plugin.

You can see by the yellow bar that I wrote this on 11/7/2013. I’ll need a new calendar soon because Advent begins the new 2013-2014 Liturgical Calendar. The calendar also gives you links to feast days and the lectionary scripture readings for the day, Gospel etc. All very handy if you follow these kinds of things and pretty cool even if you don’t.

Sidebar Widget for the Catholic Liturgy WordPress Plugin.

Once installed as a new Plugin, the Liturgy Calendar appears as an available widget which can be configured by dragging to the admin sidebar for everyone to see.

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