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Interview with Jenn Quigley: WordPress Developer

I interviewed Jenn Quigley a WordPress developer who is a former WordPress student. Here is what she had to say:

Chelsea Olver: How long have you been using WordPress?

Jenn Quigley: I’ve been using WordPress for the last 3 years.

CO: What got you started using WordPress?

JQ: My bosses husband has an online business who knew nothing about using WordPress and asked me to take it over. I had not used WordPress before that.

CO: Why WordPress?

JQ: It is just much easier to work with over other sites.

CO: What is your favorite feature of WordPress?

JQ: I’ve got to say the interface, the admin panels. It makes what I do so much easier.

CO: Do you continually run your clients websites or do you just set it up and they take over?

JQ: I continually run them all. My clients contact me when they need things done.

CO: How do you deal with billing for your clients?

JQ: With one client I update their website on a monthly basis so I have a flat monthly fee that they pay me. With my other client they contact me when they need something updated so with them I bill by the hour.

CO: Advice for new WordPress users?

JQ: Don’t feel alone with WordPress. The WordPress community is huge and very welcoming and they are eager to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Check out the site Jenn runs with WordPress at Unique Coupons.

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