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Plugin Review: WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes WordPress Plugin from Synved is a nice WordPress Plugin that allows you to style various elements within your WordPress site like: User Interface, Layouts, Lists and Boxes.

Shortcode Plugin Examples of features.

The User Interface feature allows you to create accordion menus. Tab menus various types of buttons and there is a links feature that allows you to easily create links within your site or to external sources. These features are very useful when you’re trying to organize large amounts of information in easy to navigate user friendly fashion.

The layout function allows you to create several types and sizes of columns within your content.

The lists function allows you to make unordered lists with several different icons for bullets and several ordered lists options.

The box function I thought was a little misleading while it does create a small message box that gives the user 4 different message options. When I saw boxes in the options I was hoping for a more customizable box that you could incorporate into your page. These boxes are basically a response to a call to action.  This is still useful, just not what I was hoping for.

Shortcode Column Layout.

One really nice thing about this plugin is that once you install and activate it. You can go ahead and start using their list of shortcodes and if you visit the creators site there is a link to a demo site that shows you exactly what each shortcode does and you can just copy and paste the format into your text editor.  And as with most plugins you can buy more stylized upgrades if you wish.

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