How to Install a WordPress Plugin on InstantWP

Here, you will learn how to install a Plugin on WordPress, using InstantWP.

Don’t have InstantWP? Click here to read an instructional tutorial on how to learn more, install and use InstantWP.

(Please note: These directions are exactly the same when installing a WordPress plugin on

This is the InstantWP home page.

Assuming you have InstantWP installed and open on your computer, we will begin by pasting the Local WordPress URL into a browser. It is easiest to just click the button next to the URL that says “Copy WordPress to clipboard”.

This is the area of the URL and copy button.

A dialog box may come up stating that the content has been copied to your clipboard.

URL is now copied to your clipboard.

Paste it in your browser (I will be using Firefox). BEFORE YOU PRESS ENTER be sure to type “login” after the URL.

This is the URL for the InstantWP I am using.

You should now see something like this:

This is the login page.

To log in, use “admin” for your username and “password” for your password, click Log In. You should now see something like this:

This is the main page of InstantWP.

Next, choose a plugin you’d like to install. I have chosen Comment Images to install. You can find more plugins on

This is the WordPress plugins page for the "Comment Images" WordPress plugin.

We will now go back to the WordPress tab in your browser (the InstantWP one you copy and pasted by signing in with “admin” and “password”). Go to Plugins > Add New.

Clcik the plugins tab.
A search bar comes up on a page titled “Install Plugins”. In the search box, type the name of the plugin you wish to install then click “Search Plugins”.

Search by typing your intended plugin in the search bar.

Find the plugin you searched for in the search results and click on “install now” under the name of the plugin.

This is the install plugins page.

A dialog box might come up asking if you are sure about installing the plugin, click yes.

Warning page asking if you'd like to install this plugin.

After the plugin installs, there will be a link to click that says “activate plugin”. Click this.

This page shows when the plugin is installing.

Doing so should take you back to the list of your installed plugins and the one we are working with should say “deactivate” (meaning it has been activated) underneath of it, like this:

This is the page telling you that the plugin is activated.

I would recommend testing your plugin just to make sure you’ve successfully installed and activated it. Obviously, how you do this depends on the plugin you installed. If you chose the same one I did, you can test by finding a post on the site to comment on. Where it says “Leave A Reply” you should be able to see a browse button at the bottom of the text input section.

This is a comment box I am using to test the plugin.

Click Browse to add a photo.

Click the browse button to select a file to upload.

It worked! I commented on a post and uploaded a (random) image along with it.

This is me testing my image in a comment with my new plugin.

Thank you for following this tutorial, I hope it helps you on your journey of learning and using WordPress!

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