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Jennette Quigley Gives Us Her Thoughts On WordPress

I talked with Jennette Quigley, Clark College’s WordPress CTEC 160 assistant instructor and WordPress web designer about her involvement in the WordPress community.the only image of jennette that exists

Michelle: How long have you been using WordPress?

Jennette: Since 2010, but I took my first HTML class in 1999 and redesigned my first website in 2001 at a radio station where I used to work.

Michelle: How long have you been involved in WordPress at Clark College?

Jennette: I started two years ago as a student, and I told Lorelle I wanted to start teaching WordPress and she pulled me in to co-teach. This is my first time co-teaching, and my goal is to continue a career in adult education. I have a bachelors degree in IT and a MA in business and would very much like to put my education to use.

Michelle: Are you working with WordPress full-time?

Jennette: No, I have a full-time job in health insurance. I would like to work in WordPress full-time, but I have a really good job.

Michelle: How are you working with WordPress now?

Jennette: Right now I am doing maintenance and making updates on the sites I manage. WordPress and all things web-related, is addicting and many times I can’t pull myself away.

Michelle: How did you get involved in WordPress?

Jennette: A client came to me in 2010 and needed someone to maintain his site. It was built on the WordPress platform and was the first I had ever worked with. When I needed help, I started going to the Portland WordPress user groups, and I found the people very helpful. They helped answer my questions no matter how stupid they were. That is where I met Lorelle. After that I took the WordPress Class at Clark.

Michelle: What do you find most helpful in WordPress?

Jennette: WordPress has so many tools and built in features that you would have to otherwise create on your own on other sites. It is very user friendly.

Michelle: How many WordPress sites have you built from the ground up?

Jennette: Two, but I have redesigned and maintained many sites that are not in WordPress. I would love to work with WordPress full time.

Michelle: What feature do you find most helpful in WordPress?

Jennette: A Plugin called Post Expirator. I manage a site with coupons. I can put the coupons in and add start dates and expiration dates, and the Plugin will automatically add and remove the coupon on the appropriate date. It saves me a lot of time.

Michelle: Which Widget do you like the best?

Jennette: Text Widget. It is very versatile; you can do so much with it.

Michelle: Where do you find the most WordPress help?

Jennette: User groups, WP forums…make sure you use the right language, tutorials on and On you can access help with text and visual examples and videos.

Clark WP has a second interview post on Jennette Quigley.

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