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WordPress Pageviews Options

When navigating a website you need to know what it is that you are looking at, especially if you are trying to explain something to someone. These are pageviews and here are all the pageviews you need to know on WordPress.

Front Pageview

The front pageview  will be the first thing readers will see when stumbling on your site. Depending on what kind of a site you are running your front pageview could be static or promote your latest blog posts. It could also be featured posts, or your sticky notes.

Front Pageview Example

Single Page Pageview

Single page pageview is the view of a single page on a WordPress site. These pages hold timeless content, meaning everything that is on that page will be on that page as long as you have it there. Here is an article by Jesse Byars on page vs. post for more information.

single page preview example

Single Post Pageview

When you click on an article title or a continue reading button you will enter the single post pageview. It will show you the complete article but just that article. On some themes the sidebar will still show while on others it only shows the post that you clicked on.

Single Post Pageview example

Author Pageview

If your site has multiple authors this option is great. When you select the author of the article, which can be found either on a contributor page or underneath the title, it will pull up the author pageview. This pageview option will make it so you can read all the articles wrote by the single author you choose from that web site.

Author Pageview example

Depending on what theme you are running the author pageview may show an author description along with the articles wrote by that author.

author description pageview example

Category Pageview

This pageview option make it easy for the viewer to find what they are looking for extremely easy (if the categories named right). You can select the category and see all the articles that fall under that category. Here is how that looks on ClarkWP:

Category Pageview example

Tag Pageview

This goes along with the category view option if you tag your articles with common search able tags this pageview is very convenient. Simply click the tag and it will show all the articles on that site using that tag. Here is an example:

Tag Pageview example

Search Pageview

This pagview is what happens when you use the search box on a WordPress site and it pull up all the articles that fall within that search. Here is an example:

search pageview example

Archive Pageview

Looking at archives while rarely useful for readers can be very useful for the blogger. With WordPress you actually have quite a few archive options. You can look at the archives by year, by month, or if you know the exact date you can find the article that way. In the address bar after your blog address simply type the date and your archives will appear.

Yearly Archives examplemonthly archives exampledaily archives example

There is also a calendar widget that you can have on your site that shows what days you posted a blog. It is not a very useful widget because it really only effects the blogger and the readers.

calendar widget example on sidebar calendar widget example larger

The examples will not be exact since depending on them and site options the looks will very but they will be similar.

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