The Right Way To Prepare Images For WordPress

Images are an important part of the web nowadays. Before you upload to WordPress, you need to optimize them for quality, size and SEO. Here are some steps to take to properly prepare images before you make the upload. I like to use Photoshop to optimize my images as it is among the best, so we’ll begin there.

1. Open the image inside Photoshop

picture of bass guitar opened in photoshop

2. Use auto adjusters

Or manually adjust your images depending on your skill level. These controls can be found under the Image>>Adjustments tab from the menu bar.
bass guitar in photoshopRead More..

Often, images prepared for the web lose a little contrast and saturation. Having a powerful tool like Photoshop means you can do some basic editing to help lessen this effect.

3. After adjustment

Export the image to your folder of choice. (I usually go right to the desktop.) From the main Photoshop window choose File >> Save for Web & Devices. This will open up the web export window. On the panel to the right choose the format you want (JPG,PNG, GIF). JPG is the most common choice unless you need the transparency the other extensions provide.
export window in photoshop

In the Image Size section, select the dimensions of the exported file. In general, 1200px max is a good rule of thumb to follow, as larger files can slow page load times.

WordPress will automatically create other sizes including thumbnails of the image, so there is no need to upload multiple sizes of the same image.

Now to name the file, I recommend labels that are short and succinct. All browsers and content management systems easily work with spaces in file names nowadays and WordPress will automatically keep the title of the file in place when uploaded (so that all you need to do after that is add the Alternate Text).

4. Now save the file

You’ve just become ready to upload improved images to your WordPress site!

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