Why No Holiday Celebrating Bloggers?

Despite the many different roles involved in creating and maintaining content on the web, there are only a handful of holidays that actually celebrate them.

Have you ever heard of Programmers Day? Programmers Day is celebrated the 256th day of each year, or September 13th and September 12th on leap years. There is also System Administrator Appreciation Day, which, for 2014, will be celebrated on July 25th  and is a celebration of not only system admins but all IT workers as well.

Are there any holidays to specifically celebrate bloggers or blogging in general? A few in fact. The major one you may have heard of before is World Bloggers Day which is celebrated on the second of May and is simply a day to recognize all bloggers worldwide who tirelessly spread relevant information online.

A day you may have not heard of but probably should have is Blog Action Day which is celebrated on October 15th or 16th every year. Blog Action Day is when all participating bloggers write about a particular subject to gain social awareness on the topic. This is a great example of how blogging can bring about social change.

Due to the overwhelming variety of subjects covered by the millions of blogs out there, this isn’t a bit surprising. With this massive well of content and all the changes and inspiration that have sprung from the myriad of blogs, one would think people would recognize blogging, as a platform for social change and enrichment, with at least a few holidays.

The closest thing to a holiday celebrating blogging in such a way is the celebration of internet freedoms. There is an unofficial celebration of the defeat of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) on January 18th organized by Internet Freedom Day. The Internet Freedom Day website is a great way to see how people are embracing this idea. Also, the #InternetFreedomDay posts on Twitter are a great example of people excited about this holiday.

Although they are not recognized officially, there are a few holidays celebrating IT workers. There are none celebrating bloggers or even the blog itself, though, which I think is a shame. If we were to have a day for celebrating the blog, I would suggest December 17th as this was the day in 1997 that the term “weblog” was coined. Or, perhaps late April or early May as this was the time of year when the term “blog” was created by breaking the word “weblog” into two words “we blog” by Peter Merholz in 1999.

It would be nice for the whole blogging community to have a day to think and write about the blogging experience itself since it has been such a cultural milestone.

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