How to Use the Reader Reader is ideal for the member who needs to be updated 24/7, those who work in industries where changes occur repeatedly such as news or finance, or just the average person who likes to have all the information they need at there fingertips. Can you just imagine having all this information fed into your computer or mobile device as it is happening? Well, this is what Reader will do for you.

The Reader displays all the posts in order as they are published with the most current blogs at the top of the list. You will see just a small excerpt of each post, as an introduction to the blog, with thumbnails of images. When you want to read more, just click on the blog title and you can read the full blog. Here is an example of what you might see from a blog excerpt:

WordPress reader blog feed example.

At the bottom of the Reader feed you have the option to Like and/or Reblog  by clicking on the icons in the bottom right corner of each post.

Getting Started

To access the Reader, click the Reader on your page in the upper left corner.

You can add new blogs to your Reader by clicking on the “Blogs >Follow” button on the toolbar on the right side of your screen.

You can also add any site that has an RSS feed to the Reader by clicking Blogs I Follow > Edit and then adding the blog URL to your list of followed sites:

Blog I follow import or export .

You can add feed lists from other feed readers that you follow using the same page or the import feature that allows you to download your subscriptions. When you import a feed reader subscription, you will need to import it as a OPML or XML file format and upload in to Reader. Just select the OPML or XML file when entering the URL.  For more details go to

The Reader is also available on mobile Android devices as an application so that you have all the information you need while you are on the go.

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