How To Move From Drupal To WordPress


The first thing you should do when considering changing the platform is ask yourself, “Why?” What is wrong with the platform you are on? Figure out why you cannot improve on what is bugging you. Be a Donald Norman and keep asking yourself what is wrong with that; and, when you answer that, ask it again. You might be surprised that the root problem is not the platform itself but a feature of it.

For instance, if you’re running Drupal and you just do not like the way it loads images, well, why not? I have to create content types; hardcode it in; it is just not easy. What is not easy? Why? Because it takes several clicks and a long process to achieve? Okay, so that is the root of the problem. A simple solution could be a module known as “Image Block,” a click and load feature.

If you have considered all your options and you just wanna switch publishing platforms, here are some precautionary things to keep in mind.

Back Up Your Site

Before you make any updates to your site, download a copy of your SQL database from PHPmyAdmin. If you have know idea what I am talking about, it would benefit you to download a Drupal module called “Back Up And Migrate.” Copy the files off the web host server and save them with your SQL database.

Next, in your administration panel, you should set your Drupal site to maintenance mode and turn “Clean URLs” on.

Now, for a bit of redundancy. Copy your SQL database and hosted files again. If you want to be a bit clever, create a file named something like “Drupal” and move all your hosted files to that folder.

Then, go to your DNS (Domain Naming System) manager and repoint it to “www.’yoursite’.com/Drupal.” This will help you avoid down time while you make the switch.

Delete And Upload

Once you have a backup of everything, you may at this time delete the files associated with your Drupal site on your hosting service.

Then, upload the latest version of WordPress where you had Drupal or another server or web host.

If you are code savvy, explore the WordPress PHP files for your template, erase them and Copy>Paste your Drupal code into it to the correct sections.

Make sure you study WordPress code format correctly and make changes as is necesary or it will not display.

Because this:

<?php get_header(); ?>

is not the same as:

<!--?php print render($page['header']); ?-->

Then, moving your style sheet over would be pretty.

Repoint your domain back to its root file from the Drupal folder you made earlier. Your viewers won’t know the difference.

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