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Jetpack WordPress Plugin Has Now Been Updated

Jet Pack is a great plugin that allows user’s to access many great features all in one Plugin. users already have all of the features of Jet Pack integrated into  Jet Pack was released back in 2011, and it really was a special feature that many people were clamoring for!

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress described it as a:

, “dream of mine…to provide feature parity between and for everybody.”

He shared this with us in his post called Jet Pack to the Cloud.

And now Jet Pack has had a makeover!  There is a terrific improvement that has been made as well as a couple of great new feature that have been added to Jet Pack.  

What’s New and Improved with Jet Pack?

First let’s talk about the improvements made to Jet Pack Monitor notifications.  Jet Pack Monitor now has a feature that allows multiple users to be notified via email for various issues or updates.  Imagine, for example, your site went down. In the past, the responsibility was on the Admin to stay informed.  Now, the Admin can have other team members notified via email of important updates and information.  It is always better, after all, to have a team of support rather than just one person on a job!

Then there is the brand spanking new Markdown module that has been added.  Markdown, for those who are not familiar, allows the writer to create lists and links, for example, to commonly used characters and punctuation marks.

Here are some examples of Markdown:

A Bullet List: A list can simply be made by adding an asterisk in front of each item or line.

*Creates a bulleted list.

A Block Quote: Add your block quote like so:

>A block quote can be created just this easily!<

These are just a couple of examples of how this new feature for Markdowns can make it more simple and efficient to write without having to use HTML.  For more examples check out the quick reference guide available.

Additionally, Jet Pack now offers Publicize Support for your posts to be published immediately to your social media.

If you do not have this WordPress Plugin, it is a must have. users have been enjoying its features for many years. Now it is your turn on self-hosted WordPress sites. Check out some of the reviews and consider it!


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