WordPress Plugin: Lifestream

Wouldn’t you love to be able to pull all of your activity on the web into one singular, clean, and understandable feed on your blog? Keeping viewers in tune with everything you are doing, not just what you post to your blog? You can using LifeStream!

LifeStream WordPress Plugin

If you can get access to the RSS feed you can add it too your LifeStream feed.

Each feed source is, as stated my LifeStream, “prettied up”. They do this by clearly separating each feed clearly as well as labeling it accordingly in response too its source and time shared.

example of lifestream feed

Maybe you would want to use this to maximize your efficiency on your blog, keep a business site looking alive, or even make a whole interface that accumulates everything you are doing!

If you are interested in getting the plugin its a simple process, though LifeStream has good guides and support you could probably figure everything out yourself…

After installation you will want to customize and place your feeds accordingly.   If you don’t know how to access RSS feeds, don’t worry because there are many guides on doing so. Furthermore there are many guides on how to work in depth with LifeStream.


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