Email Alerts for WordPress Topics

If you want to keep you ear to the ground on certain topics, you can use two popular methods, RSS feeds or email alerts. Email alerts can be fairly annoying when they keep going off every few seconds, I think we have all been there. But what if you want to stay in the loop but don’t want to get buried in superfluous information and postings? WordPress has you covered on that.

In WordPress you can set up email alerts for not just whenever an author posts, but when there is a certain sting of words used anywhere in the universe. There is a great tutorial over at WP Tavern on how to set up these very dynamic alerts.

This is an incredibly time saving and useful tool, you can monitor the entire WordPress realm for a very specific topic, by simply watching you email inbox. This would be great if you had designed your own plug-in for distribution and want to know what the community is saying about it, this would be a daunting task with a simple search box.

In the busy world of today we are all constantly looking for ways to save time and remain functional and efficient. Using this feature and becoming proficient with it could not only save time, but provide a unique way of monitoring the community on a vast array of topics. This would be  handy feature for anyone who wants to create input and get feedback by monitoring what the community has to say about your contribution. Even the average WordPress user who is primarily a content consumer can use this feature to simply stay informed bout whatever subject matter they choose.

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