Favicons: WP Tavern reviews Favicon Generator

By LaRhea Phillips

Jeff Chandler wrote an article on WP Tavern discussing the use of a helpful and free favicon generator called realfavicongenerator.net. Favicons are small images, usually 16×16 pixel, that are used for various technology. PCs, Macs, iOS, android phone, desktop browser, windows task bar, etc. all use favicons to identify programs.

Philippe Bernard is the creator behind realfavicongenerator. Unlike most favicon generators, you have the capability to control more options. You can select which platforms you will be using your favicons on and style them specifically for that. They have tools which allows you to change things such as the saturation of the image,  or background color. This can be helpful in creating a favicon that goes better with a specific platform.

Jeff Chandler tested this out on the WP Tavern beer mug logo. He was able to switch the logo from black to white, just to fit the windows 8 platform style much better. The site also let him choose different background colors already matched within the windows 8 color scheme, seemed very helpful and intuitive.

Tools for creating a favicon on windows 8 platform.

Realfavicongenerator has you select which platforms you want to create your icons for, then saves both compressed and uncompressed files. After making the necessary changes to the website root folder, and adding the code to the head section or header.php, there is a handy favicon checker to make sure your icon looks just right.

Philippe Bernard created a very helpful favicon generator that produces beautiful icons for your program or even just for a book mark. As Philippe stated, favicons have not been very mobile friendly and have usually lacked in good visual design. So it inspired him to create a much better generator that is free and easy to use!

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