Hired Podcast: Matt Mullenweg’s Thoughts on Automattic’s Unique Culture

The Hired Podcast recently hosted Matt Mullenweg as a guest. In the interview, Mullenweg described Automattic’s unique culture and discussed everything from Automattic’s creation to how its growth has impacted the company’s culture.

In her commentary on the podcast, Sarah Gooding expressed interest in the way that Mullenweg has managed the growth of WordPress. Mullenweg kept WordPress small in the beginning because he didn’t want to lose the efficiency and excitement of the company. As it has grown, Automattic has been able to maintain its culture. In the interview, Mullenweg says,

Nothing I’ve ever done has ever been alone. It’s always been with other people.

This quote highlights how WordPress has grown through the teamwork and excitement of its developers.

Check out the Hired Podcast interview to hear more about what has fueled WordPress’ success.

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