Plugin Review: Testimonials by Aihrus

Many businesses want to be able to easily display their testimonials. After all, why wouldn’t you want to be able to show off the good things people have to say about you? The Testimonials by Aihrus Plugin allows you to do just that.

A sample testimonial created by the Testimonials PluginThe Testimonials Plugin works by creating a Widget displaying the testimonial(s) you select. This Plugin provides plenty of room for customization. You can use CSS to modify the appearance of the testimonial or you can add an image to an individual testimonial. This Plugin allows you to use one set testimonial or to have the Widget cycle through multiple testimonials.

A screenshot showing the options available for the Testimonials Plugin.Similar to Plugins such as Jetpack, Testimonials creates a new option on your dashboard. To create a new testimonial, select “Add New” under the menu for the Plugin.

The first part of the page for creating a new testimonial.From there you can create a new testimonial. This screen looks very similar to creating a new post, the only difference being the additional fields that are specific to writing a testimonial. The words you enter in the text editor are what will appear in the body of your testimonial when it appears in the Widget. This is where you include the actual testimonial, not who is giving it. Enter the name of the person giving the testimonial where you would otherwise put the post title.

A screenshot showing where to enter background information for a testimonial.Further down on the screen you are prompted for testimonial data, including the title and location of the person giving the testimonial, as well as their contact information and company. You can fill out as much or as little of this section as you like. This information will appear below the body of the testimonial. You can also hide any of these things by going to the settings for the Plugin.

An example testimonial showing a featured image.Another option available to you is setting a featured image. If you choose to set one, the feature image will appear above the body of the testimonial. If you decide to use an image, it’s a good idea to keep it small so it won’t overshadow the testimonial.

Settings and Customization

There are a lot of things you can customize about the Plugin by going to its settings. You can change where and when the testimonials appear, as well as their format. As mentioned previously, the testimonials cycle through in the Widget by default. You can change the settings to specify which testimonials show up where based on the category, tags, or the order you set.

This Plugin is a great option for sharing the positive things your clients/customers/etc. have to say about you or your business. It is relatively easy to use and doesn’t require a huge amount of work to set up. This Plugin makes the task of displaying your testimonials much easier.

3 thoughts on “Plugin Review: Testimonials by Aihrus”

  1. Is it possible to manually order the testimonials? It will only allow me to order them by ascending or descending ID at the moment. I just want to order the IDs in the shortcode!

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