Release of BuddyPress 2.0

You will see on wpTavern a post about the release of BuddyPress2.0. If you don’t know what BuddyPress is, it can me best described as,

FaceBook in a box for WordPress

Meaning, BuddyPress gives the users the ability to indulge in chatting with one another just as you would on FaceBook!

This is exciting news for any one that has or will use buddy press. The new version has many things it is bringing to the table, including important security fixes and added improvements to WordPress menus integration. Expect to see things like synchronization of comments and conversations as well as a better hierarchal indicators.

Don’t settle to just know a handful of what is to be expected, there is much more to be offered! The article on wpTavern goes into much greater detail. Take a look to not only learn more about what BP2.0 is bringing to the table, but also what the BuddyPress documentation team has planned for the near future.

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