Interview with Ian Pope: Web Devloper

Picture of a man in a shirt and tie, with a beanie hat on his head

Ian Pope is a web developer, design engineer as a contractor, and lead developer for a marketing agency in Portland. I spoke with him about his work and WordPress.

What kind of work does being a “lead developer” mean?

I design, develop, and implement both WordPress and HTML websites for a number of clients. Probably around 10 to 25 websites on any given week. I appreciate… how modular regular HTML is. It’s easier for me personally to write code, as opposed to creating an entirely different WordPress Theme.

Do you use any other types of web development platforms?

I’ve used Bootstrap, as well as SaaS and Javascript with the jQuery library. With some actual sales-based websites I’ve used Magento. But WordPress and basic HTML are the two that I use most often.

What has been your experience working with WordPress, as opposed to other content management systems that you have used?

As far as WordPress is concerned, and even content management systems, from a baseline, it’s definitely the easiest, as far as both creation and editing of already made themes and implementation of other frameworks. Implementation of WordPress as a website in and of itself is significantly easier than other content management systems.

What do you think sets WordPress apart as a blogging platform from something like Blogger?

WordPress is, first and foremost, a blogging platform. However, what can be accomplished through WordPress through the use of widgets and theme manipulation sets it apart from sites like Blogger. But like I said, it is a blogging platform, which I think is one of the reasons it’s so popular. There is a slight learning curve when you get started, but once you get that down, it’s pretty easy to work with.

What do you think the future holds for WordPress?

It’s funny, I was having this same conversations with a supervisor the other day. As far as WordPress is concerned, I think it’s ease of use and it’s abilities as a content management system makes it very valuable. I think with the implementation and creation of new features for HTML5 and CSS3, individual websites and premium websites, where people really want to get in and get their hands dirty… it’s more difficult to do that with WordPress due to how it’s set up. But as far as content management systems is concerned, if there’s an implementation of items being able to be sold through some sort of payment gateway, WordPress is defiantly valuable.

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