Interview with Troy Uyan: Developer in the Making

Troy Uyan profile picBrowsing ClarkWP Magazine you have surely ran across a good few articles by Troy Uyan, but do you know Troy past his profile pic and awesome articles? A student here at Clark Collage, he is studying web development, but leaves in his wake much more than required assignments.

A primary example of Troy’s contributions to the web is his work helping develop Shulnak Village, a project that supports education and literacy in rural Tibet. Though his is contributions alone make a grand statement, you would be amazed to discover that this site boasts many hidden features supplied by Troy. These features include not only a fully responsive layout but also use of WordPress as a CMS. He accomplished all of his work for Shulnak Village before even finishing his classes on responsive design or WordPress.

Front page of website for Shulnak Village School Project.

Troy finished those classes on responsive design and WordPress and put his new found skills to work immediately. He created his own personal site, Troy Uyan, and had this to say about the process:

This is a hand-coded showcase of my work with responsive web design, Sass, and Foundation using WordPress as a CMS platform. This site features examples of my web development, graphic design, and photography work in the portfolio section. But it also acts as a home for my racing and gaming projects, along with other experiments I’ve taken on along the way.

Website front page of Troy Uyan, future web developer.

Within his site you are sure to be hit with a barrage projects and activity’s that any one with similar interests will surely, hopelessly be sucked into wanting to see more.

Troy Uyan profile pic

A special thanks to Troy for taking the time to talk with me and for sharing what he has been up to. You are well on your path to being a true WordPress guru!

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