How to Publish from Word to WordPress

People continue to use word processors like Microsoft Word to write their posts for their site. Unfortunately, online web publishing platform editors do not play well with outside publishing sources. After many years of making the process of pasting word processing documents into WordPress, the release of WordPress 3.9 made it even easier to successfully paste text into a Post or a Page.

Online publishing systems gag on this stuff; gremlins breed in the hidden spaces.
Tom Scocca

Luckily, WordPress has been working hard to improve on this. Before the 3.9 version they had a little button in the kitchen sink that took care of the formatting when pasting from word. It was called “Paste from Word”, a little window would come up and you would paste your text in it and it would format it without the junk.

According to Sarah Gooding in her WPTavern post “WordPress 3.9 Has Built-in Support for Pasting from Microsoft Word,” WordPress automatically recognizes text from Microsoft Word (along with other outside editors) and formats it appropriately.

Paste As Text Message.
When you paste as text using the button this message comes up.

Therefore the steps for pasting from Word to WordPress are simple:

  1. Select All text needed.
  2. Copy
  3. Paste into WordPress

Note: If you need to style the pasted selection a specific way, you will need to use the text editor to format it manually. WordPress only gets rid of the word processor junk and converts it to HTML text, clean of the unwanted formatting.

Pasting from Other Word Processors and Web Pages

In addition to Microsoft Word, other word processors also don’t play nice when pasted into WordPress, nor does web page content.

  1. Paste your selection into the visual text editor in WordPress
  2. Keep the selection highlighted
  3. Find the Toggle Toolbar button and click it. It will unfold an extra icon menu
  4. On the extra menu find the icon with an eraser or also called “Clear Formatting” button and click it
  5. Your text should now be junk free

Publishing PDF Files to WordPress

If you want to paste plain text from a PDF file please refer to the above tutorial.

As you can see WordPress has come a long way to be able to work with offline processors. However, they have also improved their own visual/text editors that have all the tools needed to make the best out of your Post, without the extra hassle. It’s a great tool which allows you to create, format, design, and publish all from one place.

2 thoughts on “How to Publish from Word to WordPress”

  1. Sorry but that is absolute nonsense. Whilst the previous Paste-from-word radio button before WordPress 3.9 worked fantastically, pasting direct from Word is so awful that it is no longer an option.

    It doesn’t just strip out settings, it adds new ones of its own that render it unusable.

    It wraps the pasted text in a narrow box surrounded by thin grey lines. The box is completely unmallable.

    I hope they roll back this update ASAP.

    1. I’m sorry that you are seeing something the rest of us are not seeing. We’ve tested this thoroughly on different sites and browsers and see no wrapping lines or issues.

      Consider checking your WordPress Plugins to see if you are using something that might not be compatible with this new features, or don’t use it. You can always paste directly into the Text Editor, or write in a Text Editor (there are some fine ones out there for free), as our Clark College student explained in the article. Thanks.

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