How to Save and Sync Web Browser Bookmarks

When you are using a public computer, it can be frustrating trying to recall your passwords that you’ve saved. Searching for familiar web pages can delay productivity, as well as slow down collaborative efforts with colleagues. What’s the problem? The bookmarks are missing!

A user can usually sync bookmarks by logging in to their favorite browser, and following the prompts. For those other times when you can’t remember your password, a portable HTML file containing all of your bookmarks can be carried on a USB stick.

Regardless of which internet browser one selects, there is now a path to importing your portable HTML file.

Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, the most popular web browsers, offer additional tips, and guidelines in the support pages listed below, including how to export bookmarks to HTML.

The process begins with a flash drive, thumb drive, or portable drive connected to your desktop.

Let’s look at each web browser for the instructions on how to preserve your bookmarks for the next time you need them, no matter what computer you are using anywhere.


In the upper right corner of the Chrome browser window, is the three-bar Customize/Control button. Click here.

Chrome  Browse Control
  1. Follow from the opened menu, Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.
  2. In the tab that opens, select Organize from the top left .
  3. Select Export bookmarks to HTML file.
  4. Select your flash drive in the Save As dialog box and confirm.

Importing, again is the same process.


This browser is super easy to perform the Export task.

Firefox Bookmarks
  1. Click on the Bookmarks button on the toolbars right side.
  2. From the dropdown, select Show All Bookmarks
  3. The Library window will open, push the Import and Backup button > Export Bookmarks to HTML
  4. Choose your destination (USB) and Save.

Internet Explorer

IE favorites
Internet Explorer

The bookmarks in Internet Explorer are referred to as Favorites.

  1. Tap, touch, or click the Favorites button.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Import and export.
  3. In the dialog box, select Export to a file.
  4. Choose your favorite bookmarked websites.
  5. Browse to the flash drive and Save > Finish.

Importing the file is essentially the same procedure, substituting Import > Import from a file.

Web Browser Tutorials and Guides

The following are guides and tutorials to help you learn more about the web browser you enjoy.


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