Traversing the Forums : Support Forums and

To use the WordPress Forums you need some basic computer skills and a reasonable idea of what you are looking for. If you don’t, you may get stuck in a forum loop and just keep clicking things for hours till you don’t remember what you were doing….or you could break your computer out of frustration.

There are two different forums Support Forums and each with two main sections. The Forums list and a Tag Cloud of whats important at the moment. has a latest discussion as well as some important notices. Whereas, the Support forums only have the search and some helpful tips for getting started.  Let’s see if we can just dive on into this.

Learning the layout

Hopefully we all know by now that blue words that become underlined when hovered over are links and you can easily click them to go where the link suggests. This is helpful to traverse the Forums list by clicking around from Support to Themes to CSS to wherever you want to go. With the Support Forums you have another way to get around with tags as well as go to the actual forums like Installation, Troubleshooting or get some hacks.Forum Homepage

The next thing that’s good to learn is proper etiquette when writing a question , its also commonly known as netiquette. This comes in handy if you are looking for information. You wouldn’t post a topic in the CSS Customization Forum when you want help on your tags widget. You also wouldn’t say “I’m having trouble, help.” when you have a specific question. When concocting a title remember to state the problem and have a leading question so people can help you better.

Getting around fluidly

On both forums you will find a Search bar, tag cloud and a list of forums. These are your best friend for saving time and getting the most out of your efforts. Other than clicking on a forum you could find a tag in the Tag list to find things pertaining to what ever word you clicked. As well as the easiest way to find if there is a thread already created with your question would be the huge Search bar!

Search BarThe Search Bar is handy quick and perfect for those quick “I think I broke my WordPress” questions.

So, the Forums list are as follows: Support, Widget, Themes, Css Customization, Ideas, Translations, Staff Answers. This is where you would go to get to the correct forum, it is a perfect place to start. Support, for your questions needing technical help. Widget, for your questions involving a widget. Themes, this is where you would go to get information or help on themes. Css Customization would be used for the people who are customizing their themes with CSS which is a paid luxury and it continues like that all the way through the list of forums. Pretty straight forward.

Submitting well thought out questions

Once you are in a forum you will see all the threads. Some are perfectly titled and you know what they are talking about…and others are very vague.Forum layout It’s up to you to decipher the vague ones and hopefully learn to create your own with a very direct purpose.  In order to post you will find a rectangular blue button that says “Add New” and it brings you to the bottom of the page where you will be able to post your question. You need to fill in a title, the blog in question,  the area for you to type your question and then add some tags below that before submitting your question.New TopicThat pretty much covers you from layout to submission. To go over it all again really quick you have four main areas. The Forum list, the Tag list, the recent discussions and sticky topics that area always fun and informational.  Always remember to post in the correct forum only after you searched for your question as to not clog up the forums with too many of the same topics. Once you posted a topic you should keep checking so you can get the help you asked for and hopefully you followed my advice and you have a fantastic title and everyone wants to help you. Good luck and enjoy both WordPress  forums!

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