The WordPress Trophy Case

On, there is a section that is meant to help inspire and motivate you while you are working on your blog.  This section is referred to as the Trophy Case. This unique part of is different for every blogger depending on how far you have come as a blogger on, always making it a self-competition to see what trophy you may receive next.

Finding the Trophy Case

Shows where your Gravatar icon is to locate the drop down menu. To access the Trophy Case, hold your cursor over your Gravatar icon in the upper right hand corner. On the sub-menu that appears, click the My Trophies link to go to your Trophy Case.

What is the Trophy Case?

The Trophy Case starts tracking your activity from your first post on Right from your first post, you will receive a trophy for creating your first blog post. From here, your Trophy Case will only expand in size. As you continue to write new posts and become an active user on your own blog, the Trophy Case will get increasingly bigger with new “achievements”.

There are several types of trophies this content will award you:

  • Show All – Lumps all earned trophies together to be viewed at the same time.
  • Likes – Awards you by how many likes you have received on all of your own posted content.
  • Follows – Awards you depending on how many followers your blog(s) have received.
  • Posts – Awards you as you write and publish more posts on your blog(s).
  • Your Blog(s) Title – A sub section that lets you look at what trophies you have earned each of your blogs.

A screenshot looking at the Trophy Case

Each trophy has a different color and symbol depending on what category it is for.

  • Likes are yellow/gold in color, along with a star to the left of the number of likes your trophy has been awarded for. Trophies for likes are received on your blog as a whole, not by individual posts.
  • Follows are a red apple color, with a plus inside a circle to the left of the number of followers the trophy is congratulating you on receiving.
  • Posts are a blue color, along with a short pencil to the left of the number of posts the trophy is awarding you for.

The Trophy Case is only on The reason why we have this section on our WordPress is to help be a motivator as you are continuing to make progress on your blog(s). It is also a good indicator of how far you have come while working on your blog, being a positive tool to see how much progress you have made from the moment you made your first post.

So the next time you feel as though your blog has not come far, I suggest that you look at your Trophy Case, and realize that the only thing you can do, is move forward.

6 thoughts on “The WordPress Trophy Case”

  1. I’ve noticed these over the years. Although somewhat cheesy, its certainly not a bad idea. I posted at a poetry post for years where users held contests and awarded virtual trophies. Some users had entire “walls” of them which were actually impressive and yes–motivating. I’m a little surprised WP has never came out with a widget so that bloggers can display these benchmarks.

    1. Even I can’t find my trophy case. I got one notification for a trophy last when I had crossed some milestone, but when I tried to look I couldn’t find the trophy case. Can someone confirm that it’s removed?

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