How to add Content to RSS Feed Readers

Bloggers need their news, and they need it now. Timeliness is essential. An aggregator for multiple newsfeeds is what an RSS Feed Reader can provide. Pulling in the most recent articles from your favorite news sources and putting them all in one place, organized and easy to locate.

Most Feed readers are free. A few charge a fee, some have a one time cost, while others are available through subscription. The paid apps typically include some degree of tech support, email and blogging tools. Fortunately, for students, there are Feed Reader apps that provide basic services free of charge.

Let’s have a look at the Add Content features found in popular free readers, beginning with the well-known browser-based app, Feedly.

Feedly Feed Reader

Feedly is a web and mobile-based app. It may be installed through your favorite browser opening as a web page. Login, refresh, and the most recent articles are pulled from your newsfeeds.

Add RSS feeds

To add content to Feedly, simply tap the add content button in the left panel and drop in your URL.

A search or add feed bar plus options to change page layout and filtering are available at the upper right of the page.

A paid version of Feedly is offered at $5 per month or $45 annually.

RSS Reader Live

For the Windows 8 user, RSS Reader Live, is an ad-supported freeware app available through the Windows App store. The RSS Reader Live can be accessed from any Windows 8 Desktop, or Mobile device. The view is composed of three scrollable columns with disappearing tool bar at the top.Feed reader app for Windows 8

To add content to this app, right-click the top toolbar and select Add Feed.

Other choices include Import/Export OPML, Rename Feed, or Mark as Read.

Paid services with advanced features are available with pricing in the mid $50 range per year.


The popular Flipboard mobile app is available for most platforms from Windows to Blackberry.

Touting itself as Your Personal Magazine, Flipboard is full featured for a free app.Screenshots_2014-05-22-15-14-07

To add content, swipe in from the top and search. Tap add when your results have been retrieved.

Flipboard also includes a social networking component that allows ease in sharing with other Flipboard users.

Which Feed Reader Do You Use?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Which feed reader do you use? Have a favorite? Share it with us below in the comments.

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