Posting Tweets on WordPress

With the ever growing popularity of social media, people are constantly seeking out ways to enhance their lives, quickly accomplish tasks, and tell the world about what they do.

Twitter, a micro-blogging platform with a character post capacity of 140 characters, and one of the largest user populations in the world; is often the social media platform of choice despite its limitations.

WordPress on the other hand, a much more feature-rich and complex blogging platform has the ability to take advantage of Twitter activity and display its feeds in real time.

To post a Twitter feed in your site, simply go to Appearance> Widgets> Twitter Timeline.

On a self-hosted site, using the Jetpack Plugin, use the Extra Sidebar Widgets feature to add a Twitter stream.

Connecting your Twitter Account

To connect your WordPress site to Twitter, you must first activate the Twitter widget within the Twitter settings panel.

  1. Go to the Twitter Settings>Widgets> Create New Widget. The screen will prompt you to type in the @twitter user that you would like to display. When everything is typed in, save the changes and then an embed code will appear below the feed. twitter settings screenshot
  2. In the embed code box, look for a code that looks like this: Twitter id
  3. Copy this ID code, and then return to the Twitter widget screen on WordPress. Paste the code in the designated box.widget WP Twitter
  4. The twitter widget has just been added to your site.

Keep in mind that there is no password required to display a Twitter feed, and you can post as many streams as you like. The shortcode is a much shorter and more condensed way to display a Twitter feed. The shortcode should look something like this:


The finished product will look like the feed below.

In this way, the Twitter feed is no longer limited to the sidebars, but can be implemented in any post or page.

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