Project Management Made Easy: Project Panorama WordPress Plugin

The Project Panorama WordPress Plugin is designed to enhance your project management experience. It is designed to be a highly visual way of communicating your project progression status and progress updates to your clients, team members, and managers. Issues such as lack of communication and poor decision making are now no longer an issue thanks to Project Panorama and its full coverage of project statistics and updates.

The Plugin is available as free in a limited version, and paid for more functionality. Its second release, (1.2.1) adds many new features to it’s already enhanced functionality and customization options.

The newly added and primary features of Project Panorama include:

  • Intuitive interface: allows viewers to get right to the point when looking for status information.
  • Time management: with the ability to set project milestones, you can now spend more time on the project content.
  • Access Control: A login interface to control who can view the status of the project.
  • Enhanced Shortcodes: Now more dynamic, you can now select what is shown and hidden within posts or pages, when inserting a project into your site.
  • Mobile support: The content can be viewed by a number of platforms.
  • Project listing: You can include active, completed,  or specific types of projects using the project categories.
  • Template cloning: reuse templates for future projects.
  • Translation Support: Added language functionality was implemented to reach a wider international audience.
  • Project Branding: There is an option to include a logo at the top.

PP screenshot

Project Panorama is Project Management

As many project management solutions exist, most of them are for managing the teams only and not the client. If the client is wanting to know key milestones, tasks, and explanations of the creation of the project, this would often use up valuable time, keeping them in on the loop with phone calls and emails; time that could be used for working on content.

Unsure clients and team members can have an unusually high volume of questions and concerns, acting as a severe, yet time-crippling burden on the designer. Project Panorama was designed to rule out this headache almost entirely.

With the simplified data management system, and its fully adjustable layout, you can use its shortcode functionality to embed projects into your site’s pages and posts with pinpoint precision.

All data can be exported as an XML file for later analysis or further integration.

The project access is controlled by its owner and the user login terminals. It can be set to public, private, or limited access permissions.

For many, both in the business world and in the general blog-enthusiast world, Project Panorama has made a difference in how they conduct business with clients and other tasks.

There are a lot of project management resources out there, but few are as simple and pointed in their purpose as Project Panorama. While you can use it yourself to remind you where you are in a project and what’s left to be done, it primary purpose is communication with clients.

One thought on “Project Management Made Easy: Project Panorama WordPress Plugin”

  1. Thank you for this informative blog. This wordpress plugin sounds interesting for me, I also do some wordpress sites. I should give that a try. The plugin would somehow help me to manage my wordpress site.
    Keep it up!

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