Tidio Gallery: How will you show off your photos?

Tidio Gallery is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to have a different Gallery then the stock one WordPress offers you. It opens over your page and allows you to scroll through all the photos with a limited UI on the bottom of the screen that only pops up in the beginning for a few seconds and then when you click the page.

It is a simple plugin if you are looking for something like the stock gallery but a little different.

  • Pros:
    • It’s full screen.
    • It’s minimal UI intensive
    • Unlike the stock Gallery view you are able to see the whole screen with no cut offs whether or not you have a “big enough” screen as seen below.

WordPress Gallery cuts off text

  • Cons:
    • Doesn’t offer an obvious way to get out of viewing the pictures
    • Similar to the updated Gallery view with Stock WordPress

Once the Tibio Gallery is set up, you will add a new gallery.

Visual Gallery set up

To add new gallery will take you to a new screen that looks like this picture below. You have the options to Type name, Edit and Delete.

Click edit

You can name your gallery but as i will explain below, names aren’t really important with this Plugin. Clicking Edit will take you to a new screen where you will be able to upload your photos, called the “Gallery Details” screen.

Step 6 in the process of using the Gallery.

Once you click upload you will be able to add a photo like below.

Adding a Photo with Tibio Gallery

You can click the bright blue button that says “Add Image” as many times as you want to create your gallery. Repeat the above steps to do as such.

Adding a new photo to the gallery

Once you are happy with the amount of photos you have in the gallery click on the darker blue button that says “Add to site.” This will open a pop up like below.

Follow these instructions to your post or subpage area

When this pops up below where it says “…you need to paste the following shortcode into your subPage.” It will give you a long list of shortcode for you to copy and directly paste into where ever you wish to show this gallery.

Adding a gallery once it is set up to a page

Click on the “+add to site” button and you will see a different shortcode than what was given to you in the pop up, appear. With it you will then be able to finish your post with more words, pictures, galleries, and other media or what have you.

View of the post

Below is an example of a shortcode. Clicking on a picture will then take you to the gallery view.

Gallery view of the WordPress Plugin.

Navigating the Gallery

Navigation below the picture

Looking closer at the bottom buttons you can see you have an “X” for closing the overlay gallery, a Play button to start a faux slideshow, and the obvious forward and backwards button. The navigation bar will go away after a few seconds. When that happens you can click the screen for it to come back.

Using the Tibio Gallery Plugin

Galleries are good for many visually oriented sites. If you have a clothing retail store, a gallery may display those fantastic clothes. A pet adoption agency may show off photos of dogs looking for new families.

Have you used this Plugin? How have you used it?

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