Rant like a Rock Star

Modern society downplays the importance and legitimacy of a good rant, and they forget that even Shakespeare was a fan of the rant. The first known use of the word rant was in 1601. Today rants are widely seen as annoying, self-indulgent complaining, and are not generally recognized as important or legitimate pieces of writing.

There are 3 types of rants found in web publishing.

Monologue Rant

A monologue rant is the most common type of rant. This type of rant typically happens when someone gets pissed off, angry, annoyed by someone or something then they sit down and write/vent about it.The monologue rant can be written in simple paragraph from or it can be a combination of the following rant types.

A good example of a Monologue Rant would be John Scalzi’s “And Now, For No Particular Reason, a Rant About Facebook.”

A screenshot of a webpage that features a rant about Facebook

Conversational Rant

Conversational rants can be a fun way to express your frustration in a subtle way. You basically type a conversation or interaction you’ve had, while adding a narrative of what is actually going on in your head during these interactions.
Have you ever been out looking for a restaurant on your phone, all you want to know is where they are and how late they are open but their website is so terrible that you want to vomit.

Dan Wineman wrote “A Conversation I have every month or so.” Dan’s rant is a great example because it’s funny and just about all of us can relate to coming across a really bad restaurant website. Conversational rants are very versatile with them you can easily convey your point in an entertaining way that engages readers.

A Conversation demonstrating a rant.

Video Rant

While a video rant can be powerful they are very seldom done in a tasteful way. Use a well thought out and practiced script to ensure you don’t go off topic or off-base.

Remember that when you publish things on the Internet its permanent. In 20 years you may not agree with what you were saying or with the stylish haircut you’re sporting. An example of a video rant is this UCLA Student racist rant on Asians. Screenshot of racist rant videoAlexandra Wallace made herself out to be a racist bigot and may never live this down. She eventually took the video down and left UCLA in disgrace, but not before a bunch of people made copies and parodies of the video and re-posted them.

5 Tips for a Good Rant

  • Always provide a back story for context: Tell your story from your point of view so people know where you’re coming from.
  • Use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar: To the best of your ability. Proof read and have others proof read. While ranting you don’t want to allow people to rant about your poor writing.
  • Don’t rant mad: Even though you might be. Most well written rants have a sarcastic tone. Or even a comic tone. You certainly don’t want to come off as a bully or a troll so be sure to control your tone.
  • Do research: Even though you’re upset doesn’t mean you’re in the right. When doing research make sure you are in the right if you find you may not be 100% in the right I would reconsider your rant.
  • Avoid pointless rants: You should only be complaining if I have a better solution. If you don’t have a better solution perhaps you shouldn’t be ranting in the first place.

Warning: Rants are typically written in the heat of the moment and many people end up saying things they don’t truly believe or things they regret or may regret. Sometimes it’s a good practice to sleep on it before you hit the Publish button. The article in Psychology Today, Angry? Why Rant Sites May Do You More Harm Than Good gives more compelling warnings.

A well written rant can lose you followers, friends, and jobs as well as a poorly written rant. People risk big when they rant. If their rant is intelligent, well supported with appropriate documentation (links) and views, it is a solid position. Ranting just because of bad customer service is also fine, but again, it depends upon where, when, and how the rant is applied to the virtual world.

If you follow these simple tips and compile a well written rant you can accomplish quite the opposite and fight injustice while you’re at it. So you need to decide if you are going to be bold and take a risk write a good rant or are you going to be walked on by every bad customer service line or rude people in a restaurant or on an airplane or people who almost kill you because they text and drive. The choice is yours.

Rant well. Rant like a rock star!

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