Archive Your Tweets With WordPress

For those of us who love using Twitter, yet hate the fact that it is so hard to find tweets or used hashtags, from not too long ago but that by now are long gone into the Twitter universe.

Fortunately for those brands, businesses, or people that are dependent on Twitter, and face the battle of trying to backup your tweets, there is a free WordPress plugin created for this.

Ozh’ Tweet Archiver

Four years ago there was a Twitter-to-WordPress plugin created and called the, Ozh’ Tweet Archiver plugin, which was created by Ozh Richard, that gives Twitter users the ability to archive all their tweets on WordPress. Unfortunately, two years ago when Twitter changed their new API, the Ozh Tweet Archiver Plugin broke.

Twitter broke my plugin with their new API, requiring OAuth for every request, including reading public tweets. Fixing it has been since on my to-do list but, hey, you know.

-Ozh Richard

Development of Ozh’ Tweet Archiver 2.0

According to Ozh, on April 3, 2014, Alexander Eher sent him some preliminary code to fix things, which according to Ozh, “was just what I needed as a motivation to fix things.”

On April 16th, two weeks after he started reworking the plugin, the Ozh’ Tweet Archiver Plugin Version 2.0.1, is now compatible with Twitter’s OAuth API.

If you are interested in seeing Ozh’ tweet archive plugin version 2.0 in action, visit his live demo site.

Ozh Richards Tweet Archive Live View

If you are intrigued by idea of archiving your tweets with WordPress and would like more information on it, please visit:

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