WordPress on the Road: Be a Road Warrior

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a person who travels, often as part of their job and does work at the same time, is considered a road warrior.

roadwarriorWordPress users are able to successfully work and travel at the same time while experiencing cloud computing made easy.

This article will address the issues of taking WordPress on the road and covers: supported mobile devices, post by email, writing offline, and shortcodes. 

Be a Road Warrior

A road warrior lives out of their suitcase or traveling vehicle. They tend to travel light and streamline their technological tools to only the barest of essentials.

Before going on the road, establish a plan in the three following areas:

    1. Access to WordPress
    2. Necessary Equipment
    3. Speed Blogging

Access to WordPress: Access to WordPress is from a computer or portable device such as a tablet or smartphone, though a laptop is often considered a portable device. Access to WordPress is through any Internet connection. As long as you have access to the web through a web browser, you may have access to your WordPress site. If you have a smartphone, the WordPress mobile apps maybe your gateway.

Necessary Equipment: Equipment may be physical or virtual tools. Tools to consider may consist of internet, mobile devices, and applications. It’s your smartphone, backup batteries, power chargers, wifi extenders and receivers to increase the range of reception, wifi detectors, GPS, and a variety of other tools associated with being a road warrior in today’s web world. It also includes cameras, video, digital microphones, and other tools for recording your experience for sharing on the web and through WordPress.

Speed Blogging: Access to the web may be momentary, giving you only a few minutes to pick up email and submit your posts. The ability to email posts directly to WordPress makes it a fast and easy process to update your WordPress site, but take time to learn how to use your web browser and speed blogging browser extensions, basic HTML tags found in your articles, and how to write efficiently and well to make the composing and publishing process faster.


Knowing shortcodes will make posting to your website easy from anywhere you can get access to your email. Generate days’ worth of post, delay a post, change your status, take a quick poll, add attachments, and apply tags and categories, all via your email generated posts with shortcode.


The more you understand your tools, how they work, and how to make them work best for you, the easier your life on the road will be with WordPress.

To view other tools available on WordPress.com, log in to your Admin Panel and click on ‘Tools’ near the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Supported Mobile Devices

mobileApps are available for WordPress users via your mobile and select handheld devices running:

Post by Email

On both WordPress.com and self hosted versions of WordPress, you can publish posts using email by accessing the Post by Email feature. Before you can successfully use this feature it must be activated by generating and retrieving a specific email.

WordPress.com Users

    1. Go to ‘Admin Panel’
    2. Under Dashboard, click ‘My Blogs’
    3. In the upper right corner, click ‘Screen Options’
    4. Check ‘Post by Email’
    5. Click ‘Screen Options’
    6. Click ‘Enable’

Self Hosted Activation

    1. Install and activate Jetpack
    2. Go to ‘Users’
    3. Select ‘My Profile’
    4. Locate section ‘Post by Email’
    5. Generate email by clicking ‘Enable Post by Email’

Writing Offline

writing offlineEven though we live in a web driven world, there will be times when the internet is not available. This should not stop you as an editor or contributor. To explore for yourself, check out WordPress offline editing tools.  Never forget the traditional ability to pick up a notepad and write out your post with a pen.

No Internet and no paper – check to see what text editors are available on your device.  Construct an outline that can be copy and pasted at a later time using allowed HTML code.

Also consider using the digital audio recorders found on most smartphones today to either record and transcribe a post you can later port over to WordPress, or to record a memo to remind you of a great idea that you don’t want to forget.

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