Plugins: The Fancy Gallery Light

When you want to add a gallery to your page or post, the Fancy Gallery Light Plugin will help you to create a gallery where the images stand out.

Fancy Gallery Light

This Plugin will add all the pictures you want together, and create the correct HTML short code for the gallery to be added in the Text editor. All you will have to do is choose your images, size them, add alt text, and add the short code to the text editor, the plugin does the rest.

Making a Gallery With Fancy Gallery Light

      • Install Fancy Gallery Light
      • Create a blank post
      • Go to add Media
      • Click on “Create Gallery” on the left side
      • Choose the pictures you want
      • Set the Alt text and size the images
      • When your gallery is complete copy the short code on the right in the publish panel
      • Go back to the post you want to add the gallery to
      • In the text editor click where you want the gallery, paste the short code there

Short code:

Short code Fancy Gallery Light uses.Gallery:

Example of Fancy Gallery Light.

Step by Step on Youtube

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