Interview Arlen Nagata: Designer on WordPress

Arlen Nagata, of Hawaii’s Small Business Tech and WordPress Resource recently participated in an interview highlighting his passion and expertise on WordPress design and development.

Mr. Nagata’s love for web design and WordPress is reflected in a quote below:

I love websites that look great and function well. I have been designing websites these past few years, and I’ve seen things move from traditional static websites, to dynamic websites. I’ve seen the shift from traditional web design to WordPress.

– Arlen Nagata

Who is Arlen Nagata?

Arlen Nagata Arlen Nagata is a young website designer, WordPress enthusiast, and an entrepreneur in Kapolei, Hawaii.

Arlen built his first websites in 1994 while attending college at the Punahou School, Simpson College in California. Arlen Nagata also attended the International Graduate School in Hawaii.

Additionally, Nagata has been professionally designing websites for various clients since 1998.

How He Started with WordPress

When Arlen discovered WordPress had been released, he absolutely fell in love with the design and flexibility of what WordPress can do. Nagata started taking classes and seminars about WordPress and now Arlen is the one teaching and training others how to use WordPress in Hawaii.

In his free time, Arlen  enjoys coaching volleyball at Island Pacific Academy and Ho’olokahi Volleyball Academy.

Nagata is married to the love of his life Melissa, and they are very active at his church in Kapolei, Hawaii.

Interview with Arlen Nagata

Question: What inspired you to start working and designing websites with WordPress?

Answer: I really liked the design and flexibility that WordPress has to offer so I tried it out and fell in love with WordPress.

Question: Demographically speaking, how many website designers/developers are using WordPress, in Hawaii?

Answer: I don’t know the actual numbers but I didn’t know many web designer/developers in Hawaii who were working with WordPress and that is why I started to develop websites using WordPress here in Hawaii.

Question: Primarily who are your target clients in Hawaii?

Answer: I design customized sites for small businesses using WordPress. Many of the sites that are built for clients are constructed using the Genesis Framework.

Question: What other skills do you have that makes you such a successful entrepreneur?

Answer: Not only do I provide website solutions for small business, I also offer small business solutions. I also do training and quick fixes for those who need it.

Question: Do you maintain most of your clients websites after the initial start-up of it?

Answer: Yes, I maintain many of my client sites.

Arlen Nagata Client Work

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Arlen Nagata has an extraordinary amount of client work along with their testimonials available online. Visit LLC Client Portfolio and Testimonial page for more information about his outstanding work utilizing WordPress.

Arlen Nagata and HawaiiWP LLC Sites

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