Ozh Tweet Archiver WordPress Plugin

Ozh’ Tweet Archiver is a plugin that was designed to be a powerful plugin tool that will give Twitter users the ability to archive all their tweets to their current or even a new Twitter Themed WordPress site.  The Ozh Tweet Archiver is a very resourceful plugin for active Twitter users who have sent out over 3200 tweets, and are having difficulties tracking down some of those older tweets they sent out days, months, or years ago.

Good luck finding them because Twitter does not keep track of them.

How Ozh’ Tweet Archiver Plugin Works

Ozh’ Tweet Archiver plugin should be installed on a fresh WordPress.com site or a sub-domain of a current WordPress site. This free plugin will archive all of your tweets to your WordPress site, automatically. The Ozh’ Tweet Archive plugin will make life so much easier since searching on WordPress is way more effortless then Twitter.

Installing the Ozh’ Tweet Archiver Plugin

To install the Ozh’ Tweet Archiver plugin, the first thing to do is go to the plugins section of the administration panel, and search for the Ozh’ Tweet Archiver Plugin.Installing the Ozh' Tweet Archiver Plugin

Download the plugin and then locate it in the plugin section, but do not active it just yet.

Ozh’ Tweet Archiver Plugin Configuration

After you have download the tweet archiver plugin you will need to create a new Twitter application by going to app.twitter.com. This is because of Twitter’s new OAuth authentication process and Ozh’ Tweet Archiver plugin will now need these two unique Twitter API keys that to function normally.

Twitter application manager

Once the new Twitter application is created, the two API keys the plugin needs is, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, will be provided. Once the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key have been obtained, locate the Ozh’ Tweet Archiver plugin and click on configure. This is where the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret needs to be copy and pasted into the plugin’s configuration settings. See image below for example

adding your consumer key and consumer secret into the Ozh' Tweet Archiver Plugin

As it was briefly touched on earlier, the Ozh’ Tweet Archiver plugin can be set up on a fresh WordPress site or you can specify it to be a sub-domain of your current WordPress site.

For those who do not want to set up a brand new WordPress site to archive your tweets, here is a way to use the Tweet Archiver on an existing WordPress site.

Before we get back into the plugin’s configuration setting we will need to create a new category and title it accordingly, for example, ClarkWP Tweet Archives.

After creating the new category we can go back in the configuration settings of the Tweet Archiver plugin. Pay attention to detail here because there is a category labeled plugin settings, that is located directly under the Twitter settings that were just applied.

Find and locate the drop down box for Post Category, and select the new category we just created for the Twitter Archives to be posted in. After you have done all this you can active the Ozh’ Tweet Archive plugin.

All that is left now is to click the manually archive now button.

Save the changes, go to the front view of your WordPress site, click on the corresponding Twitter archive category that was just created and viola, like magic, all of your tweets archived in one place.

Ozh's Tweet Archiver set up correctly

If you need further assistance in setting up or troubleshooting this plugin, please reference the article entitled, Ozh’ Tweet Archiver Plugin on planetozh.com.

The Ozh’ Tweet Archiver plugin will be a great plugin for those powerhouse Twitter users who would like the easiest way of archiving their tweets using WordPress.

If you would like more information on great WordPress plugins, please take a look at ClarkWP’s WordPress Plugins category section.

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