Interview With Kaylee Allen Author Support And Web Developer

The following interview was obtained through conversation through a Skype SMS message conversation with Kaylee Allen.

Kayelle Allen, portrait.Kayelle Allen is a published award winning Science Fiction Romance author. In 2006, she founded Marketing for Romance Writers and MFRW – Marketing for Romance Writers (on Blogspot), a peer-mentoring group open to the entire literary community. The site is now the largest online author group of its kind, and provides no-cost training in book marketing skills as well as promotional services.

In 2009, Kayelle opened her Romance Lives Forever blog (adult content warning) for authors, publishers, and blog tour companies. The blog has an online reach of over one million.

In 2011, she launched The Author’s Secret which offers eBook conversions for manuscripts, custom and pre-made book covers, and graphics for author sites such as blogs, Twitter backgrounds, Facebook timeline covers, and other book marketing graphics. Kayelle teaches workshops online and/or on Google Hangouts, and is an invited speaker on numerous online conferences.

Kaylee tends to use a variety of web publishing services, and integrates a blog with WordPress in two sites non-WordPress publishing platforms. The blog on her own site, and the The Author’s Secret Blog. While she acknowledges she should use one platform, the organic development of her business evolved in its current form.

She has been a featured speaker at Outlantacon since its founding, is a board member of Gaylaxicon, and a panelist at DragonCon. Kayelle’s books have won multiple awards, including the EPIC eBook Award for Science Fiction Erotic Romance, and was an EPIC finalist in Fantasy. Her motto is “romance lives forever” and she is known for books with unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion.

What is your main focus with using WordPress?

I have two main blogs that are part of larger sites that were coded in different ways. One spanning more than 100 pages using WYSIWYG (SiteSpinner site).

WordPress allows us to have full control over the details of our sites.

I like using WordPress because when someone visits my blog its actually like someone is visiting my site, unlike “Blogger” and “Blogspot” [hosted not self-hosted services]. I enjoy WordPress over these other sites because of the SERP factor [Search Engine Results Page] though I use those sites for other purposes.

We can share the blog with our contract employees, allowing them to post, and we can moderate the content and responses easily.

Are There any WordPress Plugins or Widgets You Enjoy Using on Your Site?

For the two blogs I have on WordPress I enjoy using the Weaver II Theme due to all the customization that it offers.

My personal website isn’t the usual five pages most authors would use, because mine reflects my science fiction writing and includes a tour of the star empire where my books take place.

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