WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast: Harness the Power of the Search Engines

WordPress is already a fantastic platform for search engine optimization, however WordPress SEO by Yoast, a SEO enhancement Plugin, takes the power of the Internet and places it right in your hands. Properly configured websites that take advantage of SEO can reap the potential benefit of some serious traffic for your site.

It not only usefully supplies the titles and descriptions of a site’s pages and posts, but it helps with the site’s design process by designing it from the inside, out.

Create Content that People will See

The snippet preview lets you see what your page will look like in the search results so that adjustments can be made (such as shortening or elongating code or tags) accordingly to make all the meta data and other attributes fit your SEO plan, and assure that the search engines properly process your site.

Being able to see these issues will help you increase its rankings as well as gage the search engine results to your content, further clarifying if your content is delivering quality content to whatever target niche you chose.

It forces you to choose a series of content focused keywords when you are writing your articles, thus keeping the tag-line short and sweet for the search engines to work their magic.

Page and Meta-data Analysis

The  Linkdex Page Analysis functionality of WordPress SEO checks simple syntax errors other issues that are often overlooked. Incorporating tags can make or break a website, which is why it is extremely important to ensure they are properly implemented in congruence with the site’s content.

The Plugin’s functionality also indicates if a post is too long or too short, thus providing a measurable indication on how well a search engine will process data contained on your site.

Under the Hood

The WordPress SEO features are fairly easy to follow as long as you do not drift off to the advanced technical features. Tampering with the attributes in this area is NOT recommended unless you have a significant background in the land of SEO.

WordPress SEO menuWordPress SEO is an essential tool for anyone wanting to tweak their articles to meet search engine standards, as well as becoming a better writer focused on keywords of high value.




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