Jen Mylo Series: Putting a Site on a Domain

Jen Mylo series “Site Setup Journal: Prologue,” is about how she has set out on her adventure to set up a website on a self owned domain by using only the resources available to the average Joe. She then continues to express her frustration of trying to accomplish this task. Mylo has set this series up in a way that will make you want to read her next articles.

Jen later goes on to explain in her “Site Setup: Act 1,” how she thought that her little experiment was going to be easy, but soon found that it was going to be way more time consuming then she first envisioned. She goes on by talking about the steps to get her website up and running. She talks about her complications she encounters getting her old domain name from Bluehost and Dreamhost.

Screen grab of the user changing the default password for the root.Another article about building web server is on the on Server Mom. The article, “Complete Newbie Guide to Build CentOS Server to Host Websites,”  talks about how to build a working server to host a website. They discuss how to build the server without the use of Control Panel software. The steps are presented in a seventeen part article series.

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