WordPress Support Handbook

If you want to teach new WordPress support volunteers on the various WordPress forums such as Installation, WP-Advanced or Multisite, how to troubleshoot the many issues they’re likely to encounter, there’s a new guide available appropriately titled Troubleshooting Handbook.

screen shot of section 3 table of contents for wordpress troubleshooting handbook
Section 3 Table of Contents

It’s designed to be a hands-on guide to troubleshooting. In the third section of the handbook the volunteer can learn about giving good support including some pre-defined replies to simplify and standardize across the various forums.

According to Jerry Bates
A desire to help goes a long way, but what about the other things that go into giving good support, such as:

  • Helpful tools and strategies for troubleshooting WordPress sites
  • Exercises on how to break a site (and then fix it) to gain a firsthand understanding common issues seen in support
  • Advice on effective communication styles and approaches to use when helping others
  • Tips and trick for working with the forum software (as a volunteer rather than a moderator) to make life easier

Currently, there is no go-to guide that collects all that information in one place for anyone starting out to benefit from; the Troubleshooting Handbook aims to fill this gap.

Hat Tip: WPTavern

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