What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a powerful WordPress Plugin which enables you to customize your own social network specific to your sites needs. You can use it as a social network for a school or college, a communication tool for a business, or a focused social network for a product you’re trying to sell. This is beneficial  because it enables a user to have unlimited theme options while also allowing them to add features they need to fit the site.

The basic optional components of BuddyPress include:

  • Extended Profiles:  Allows you an unlimited number of field types to customize user profiles accordingly to your sites purpose.
  • Activity Streams: Record personal, group and site wide activities with an RSS feed.
  • Member Account Settings: Users can modify their account and notification settings directly from their profiles.
  • Friend Connections: Gives users the ability to add friends and  accept friend requests.
  • Messaging: Send and receive private emails from members in your friends list within your private messaging panel. All members have their own individual Inbox.

Managing Your Components

1.  Go to BuddyPress > Components

  • Settings > BuddyPress > Components on a single WordPress install
  • Settings > BuddyPress > Components in the network admin dashboard on a WordPress multisite install

2.  Select the components you want to disable and then click Save Settings


BuddyPress – Single & Multisite Installations

BuddyPress offers a variety of options for single and multisite installations for WordPress. For example,  on a BuddyPress single install, all users would be posting to a single blog. On a BuddyPress multi-site install, this lets users to have the option to post to their own individual blog. To find out what BuddyPress options and design features are compatible with your site, take a look at the Theme Compatibility and template hierarchy.


BuddyPress was developed in 2007 while working to add social networking features. The first version was released in April 2009 with the help of developer Andy Peatling who finished all the social networking components listed above. It has been downloaded almost two million times.

For More Information on BuddyPress

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