WordPress Words: Blockquotes

A blockquote is an HTML tag for designating a section of quoted text.
WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George Plumley

Blockquotes are used for text both on the web and printed material. You use them to surround the text of material you are bringing into your article that is written by someone else that you are quoting.

As the reader reads through a web article, they must identify clearly the difference between the original content and copied content.

There are two ways to quote from other sources. You may add the information in quotes, just like in traditional media such as how Lorelle VanFossen explains that it’s important to “learn how to link and quote from published material to stay safe and on the right side of International Copyright Laws.” That example includes a link to the source and the quoted content within quote marks, identifying it as content not in the author’s words.

In a blockquote, the citation link may come before, after, or within the blockquote. Here are examples.

There will be many times when you will want to quote someone in order to make your point or promote something. Learn how to create these citations correctly to avoid copyright or plagiarism issues. If someone quoted you, you would want to be given fair credit, right?

Lorelle VanFossen explains in her tutorial on how to quote and cite sources. She emphasizes learning about copyright law and Fair Use to ensure you stay within the law for giving credit where credit is due.

Fair Use in Copyright law states that you may use a small portion of the original, with proper citation, as a reference, resource, or quote, as long as it does not infringe upon the copyright holder’s policies, licenses, rights, and abilities to generate income from the original.

In general, you do not have to ask permission to quote as long as the quoted material is within Copyright Fair Use and the author’s copyright policy.

When you use copyrighted material in such a way that it cannot be considered fair use. In such cases, crediting the source does not remove the obligation to seek permission. It is expected that you always credit your source regardless of fair use; otherwise, you are plagiarizing.
When Do You Need to Secure Permissions? – Jane Friedman

In the last example, the <cite> HTML tag was used to wrap around the citation source. Many WordPress Themes are designed to emphasis citations within a blockquote distinctively. Here is an example of the code structure for the HTML in WordPress. Note, you do not have to add paragraph and line break HTML tags as WordPress adds these automatically.

<blockquote>This is the quoted content
 within the blockquote.
<cite>Citation Link</cite></blockquote>

WordPress features a button on both the Visual Editor and Text Editor for blockquotes.

Text b-quote Illustration in Text editor

Each WordPress Theme styles blockquotes differently and distinctively. Some maybe just intented, other Themes may feature a colored background and styled fonts. Bob Dunn on his WordPress tutorial site puts it best, “You never know what they will look like.” Blockquotes typically look like the pull-quotes from the old print days.

Below are some examples of blockquote designs using HTML and CSS.

Classic Style Blockquote

Blockquote with Related CSS


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