WordPress Words: Media Library

Media consists of the images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use in your blog. Media is typically uploaded and inserted into the content when writing a Post or writing a Page…

The Media Library Screen allows you to edit, view, and delete Media previously uploaded to your blog. Multiple Media objects can be selected for deletion. Search and filtering ability is also provided to allow you to find the desired Media.
Media Library – WordPress Codex

The Media Library in the main menu of the Administration Screens or through the Add Media button at the top of your edit Post or Page screen. WordPress media is content uploaded to WordPress posts and Pages for embedding.

The Media Library function is used to store files that you would like to add to a Page or a Post. You can create galleries and add audio and video to your themes to make your pages more appealing to your target audience by giving them visual and audio enhancement. You can sort and search for various images, and there is a drop down menu to restrict the images visible in the Media Library to those uploaded to that post or Page. The Screen Options features for the Media Library allow you to choose how the images are displayed to some degree.

By default, there are a minimum of four different sizes available when an image is uploaded: thumbnail, medium, large, and full-size. These sizes are set by default, but may be modified on the Settings > Media screen.

In a post or Page, the user has the option to set the Attachment Details including the image title, alternative text, caption, alignment, links, and size.

The process of uploading images to WordPress through a post or Page involves using the Media Uploader, a part of the Media Library.

More Information About the Media Library

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