WordPress Words: Tags

Tags: A group of descriptive words which provide a useful way to tell readers what a post is about.  They simply make it easier for people to find your content.
WordPress Support – What Is A Tag?

Tags are part of the WordPress Taxonomy, the micro-categorization of content on WordPress. In other words, tags are best described as your websites index words, helping a visitor find the information they need by simply typing in a word directly related to that post.

Tags are found in the Administration Screen > Posts > Tags for review, editing, and adding descriptions.

Tags on WordPress.com

Examples Of Tags

Lets say you want to write a post about bowling. You can add tags that are specific to that post. You would type in "bowling," to add the tag.

What other words would people use to search for topics on bowling, words related to your article. If the article is about learning to bowl, then the tags may include how to bowl, learning to bowl, bowling lessons, and bowling basics.

Below is an example of a tag cloud, historically called a heat map. The more posts in a tag, the larger the word in the cloud of tag words.

How To Add Tags on WordPress.com

For More Information On Tags

The following is information to help you learn more about tags and also how to use them on your favorite social networking sites.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Words: Tags”

  1. Good quote. I didn’t think we needed all the information on the tagging in Twitter. This is WordPress we are talking about. It would have been better to use examples of tags in WordPress for clearer understanding in the future. The first part of your article is real good.

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